What is Watsu?

Warm pool massage can also be known as Watsu. It is an aquatic type of bodywork which combines active aquatic therapy and deep relaxation. During a session that is gentle, the practitioner gently wraps the person in chest-deep water. This can provide the recipient with an overall feeling of wellbeing and the relief of pains and aches.

Relax in the warm water of a massage

A warm pool massage has numerous benefits including relaxation and increased circulation. Patients suffering from joint or muscular pains, arthritis injuries and various other problems such as those with muscle stiffness, stiff joints or stiffness, can benefit from this type of massage. Although it's possible to get this massage on the ground the water provides a calm space that can boost the therapeutic effects of massage.

A warm pool can also be used you to indulge in a range of massages. It is effective for treating injuries to muscles, increasing circulation, and activating the release of endorphins. This assists in relieving tension and joint pain. It also improves the healing process of muscles. The massage therapist can focus on particular areas within the pool using strategically placed jets. For deep tissue massage, a powerful massage hose is able to be hooked up to water jets.


Watsu incorporates dynamic dance movements as well as modern techniques for massage, however, it also relies on the deep, peaceful breathing. Watsu is a key element. It is the same as every other element plays an essential role in it. Its primary function is to reduce tension in the back and relax the body. People can maneuver the vertebrae with ease because of its buoyancy.

Watsu is a type of bodywork in the water that incorporates stretching, rocking, and pressure on meridian points in order to relieve tension and facilitate relaxation. Warm water is utilized to assist the person during these movements one-on-one. Watsu practitioners place the receiver in chest-deep, water. Then they gently stretch and then move their bodies. While doing this the practitioner also opens and close the leg toward the chest, producing a rotation in the pelvis and the spine.

While WATSU can help relieve pain, many people who practice it say that it's also beneficial in the psychological health of the body. It helps to induce deep sleep and helps reduce stress, according to research. It's a deeply tranquil experience that a lot of clients appreciate and come back to regularly Watsu studios for more sessions. Harold Dull invented Watsu in the early 1980s, and his ideas have since been incorporated into the field of rehabilitation and aquatic therapy.


The therapy that is based on water, known as Watsu is a gentleand passive way to treat pain and physical ailments. The therapy relies on buoyancy to assist clients in relaxing and move into different postures. Its soft stretches and movements gently stretch and release muscles and joints. They've been used for a variety of ailments. The practice has been recommended by integrative medical expert Dr. Andrew Weil.

Watsu stimulates the parasympathetic system that assists the body to regulate stress and tension. The parasympathetic nervous system which helps your body recover from stress and illnesses. Additionally, it improves your sleep, reduces anxiety, and helps improve the digestive system.

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Watsu, which is an energetic and contemporary massage technique that incorporates dancing and deep breathing and deep breathing, is referred to as "Watsu". The focus is on the release of the tension in the spine. It is especially effective in the water. Warmwater that is chest deep allows the practitioner to manipulate the vertebrae in a more efficient manner. Watsu students master basic poses as well as how to correctly breathe and move. They also possess deep knowledge of both eastern and western anatomy.

Watsu is offered in many spas and integrative treatment centers across The United States. The requirement is to finish fifty hours Aquatic Bodywork Education to be an Watsu practitioner. WABA has a list of Watsu practitioners.


Watsu is a type of bodywork that relaxes using warm water and acupressure to relax the body. It is a combination of body movement and relaxing. This type of therapy is believed to reduce anxiety and pain. Before beginning Watsu check with your physician. Some conditions may not be appropriate for Watsu like pregnancy.

An average Watsu session takes around an hour and half. Wearing a bathing costume, the therapist will work on various areas of the body with moderate pressure. The therapist can also make use of the swimming buoyancy for movement of the body. They also hold the patient in a cradle for the duration of the therapy.

Watsu is a form of alternative therapy which can be helpful to sufferers of fibromyalgia, specifically if they've experienced severe pain during the past. Watsu therapy is a great option to be beneficial beyond just the pool and aid in reducing signs of fibromyalgia. Even though Watsu treatment is a good choice for those with joint or muscle pain, it's always a good idea to talk to your doctor prior to taking the course.

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